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URAA Board of Directors Nomination

Please nominate someone you think would be a valued addition to the University of Richmond Alumni Association (URAA) Board of Directors. We are fortunate to recieve a lot of nominations and review each one carefully. The more details you are able to provide, the better we are able to evaluate.

Or you can send names and qualifications to the University of Richmond Alumni Association at To review the duties and responsibilities of URAA board members, please visit URAA Board of Director job description. Please answer these questions below to the best of your knowledge and include as much detail as possible. Your input will be very helpful for the Nominating Committee.

Nominee Information

Nominee City, State, Country: 

Nominator Details

Preferred Contact Information: 

Nomination Details

Nominee's volunteer service to date (for University of Richmond); please include all known UR volunteer roles, committees, dates, length of service, and any other UR affiliations that may not be reflected elsewhere in this nomination form: 

Nominee's volunteer service to date (outside of University of Richmond): 

State your reasons for nominating this individual, including unique perspectives the individual may bring to the board: