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Richmond Spiders in Washington, D.C.

There are approximately 4,000 alumni in the D.C. area. The Richmond Spiders in Washington, D.C. group provides a fun way to stay connected with fellow alumni in your home city. Recent events have included networking receptions for Spiders in nonprofit and government and Spiders in accounting, a tour of three Virginia wineries, and annual summer events including a Spider day at the Nationals and a sunset boat cruise on the Potomac.

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Regional Alumni Volunteers

Bryan Defino, '07
Richmond Spiders in D.C.
Kate Dochelli, '10
Richmond Spiders in D.C.
Lauren Lepone, '06
Richmond Spiders in D.C.
Megan McSeveny, '03
Richmond Spiders in D.C.
Alex Holva, '15
Richmond Spiders in D.C.
Mary Alice Wallmeyer
Associate Director, Alumni Events 287-1953
Leah Downey, '14
Administrative Assistant, Alumni Events 289-8030
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