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Event Publicity

A comprehensive communications strategy is integral to successful regional events. Below are marketing and communications tools that are available to the regional alumni program.

Regional Webpages
Each region has a webpage on maintained by the Office of Alumni and Career Services (OACS). Each site fits the same standard template, which can be customized to include relevant information about the region’s leadership, upcoming events, and past event photos.

UR Online
UR Online is a free, web-based collection of information and services for alumni of the University of Richmond. It includes an alumni directory, personal giving history, e-mail subscription management, and the ability for users to update their contact information with the University. Please carefully review the terms of use for UR Online. All regional alumni program volunteers are expected to exercise and model proper usage of the UR Online alumni directory and not violate explicit prohibitions such as those against using the directory for mass e-mails, advertising, or any form of commercial solicitation.

Broadcast E-mails
The University maintains e-mail distribution lists for all alumni who keep their alumni profiles up-to-date, and can send targeted emails based on location. This is a valuable tool that we use to invite and remind alumni about upcoming events in the region.  Regional alumni volunteers work with OACS to draft these e-mail communications; please allow ample time for the editing and distribution process.

Personal E-mail Invitations
Nothing goes further than a personal e-mail invitation or phone call to encourage an alumnus(a) to attend an event. Committee members should share the responsibility of contacting fellow alumni in or near their class years.  A list of ‘regulars’ might also be kept, and if their names do not appear on the registration list for an event, committee members can follow-up encouraging attendance. To accomplish this, regional alumni volunteers may request from OACS a list of alumni who live in the region. These lists are not to be considered valid for more than one month and must be kept confidential. These contact lists are to be used only to promote regional alumni events; and not for personal, commercial, or political mailings.

Direct Mail Invitations
In keeping with the University of Richmond’s initiative to “go green,” OACS has increased the use of e-mail communications, replacing direct mail invitations. However, in some instances, such as an event that a University official will be attending, OACS will prepare and mail a formal invitation to alumni in the region. Encouraging alumni to update their e-mail addresses on UR Online is important because it ensures that alumni will hear about all programming in their area and enables the University to use its resources wisely.

Facebook is a great way to reinforce information that OACS posts on the region’s webpage and in e-mails. Facebook allows regions to share photos, post news about the University and alumni, invite input and discussion, and communicate updates quickly to a large core group. A committee member can create a Facebook group or page for the region’s alumni population and invite Spiders in the area to join. The membership will grow over time as Facebook users in the region find the group/page.

If a Facebook group/page is created for the region, please:

  • Name the page: “University of Richmond Alumni – [Region]”
  • Use the University crest as the official profile picture
  • Keep in mind that as regional alumni volunteers, you serve as ambassadors of the University of Richmond. As such, you are expected to post information in keeping with the University’s message and refrain from derogatory or offensive language. Additionally, if another member of the group posts content that is in conflict with the University’s message, the group administrator is responsible for removing the inappropriate content.
  • Connect with the official University of Richmond Alumni Facebook page to share content.

Regional Initiatives Staff Contacts

Mary Alice Wallmeyer
Associate Director, Alumni Events
(804) 287-1953

Leah Downey, '14
Administrative Assistant, Alumni Events
(804) 289-8030