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Finance Matters

Event Registration & Payment

Requiring guests to register in advance of alumni events helps the Office of Alumni and Career Services (OACS) and the region to plan appropriately. Keep in mind:

  • Registration enables us to give accurate counts to caterers and ensure we are within the capacity limits of the venue.
  • When registration is necessary, OACS will build a registration page and include the link to the page in e-mail communications and on the region’s webpage.
  • All registrations must come through OACS – either by registering on the website or by calling the office. The system allows for accurate tracking of attendees, payment when necessary, and it facilitates the collection of up-to-date contact information so we can communicate with alumni about future events.

Program Budget

The overall budget for the regional alumni program and amount of funding available from year to year varies based on:

  • Number of alumni in the region
  • Involvement of the regional volunteers
  • Number and type of regional events per year
  • Response rates and success of previous events

Limited resources make a 6 to 12 month planning calendar essential. Each event will be reviewed on an individual basis to determine the cost per person to attend and the subsidy (if any) provided by OACS. All registration fees collected in advance of events or on-site at the event will go to OACS.

OACS will cover the cost of the event-related communications including the preparation and mailing of both physical and electronic save-the-dates, invitations, reminders, and thank you notes. Given the pressures on the budget, it is important to focus on reducing paper-based communication and increasing the use of electronic communications.

All event-related contracts and payments will be handled by OACS.

Reimbursement from the Office of Alumni and Career Services  

To get reimbursed for costs (pre-approved by the Assistant Director for Regional Initiatives) incurred during the planning of an event, the volunteer must submit his/her original receipts with the event information via “snail mail” to

Office of Alumni and Career Services
Jepson Alumni Center
28 Westhampton Way
University of Richmond, VA  23173

Please allow approximately 3 weeks for the Accounts Payable office to process and send a check directly to the payee. All receipts must be received within 90 days of the date on the receipt to be eligible for reimbursement.

Regional Initiatives Staff Contacts

Mary Alice Wallmeyer
Associate Director, Alumni Events
(804) 287-1953

Leah Downey, '14
Administrative Assistant, Alumni Events
(804) 289-8030