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Reunion Committee

As a member of the University of Richmond alumni community, you are also one of the University’s most powerful advocates. Your primary responsibility as a reunion volunteer will be to contact your classmates about coming back and giving back, helping them to reconnect with one another and with the University. By volunteering on your Reunion Committee, you will be playing an even larger part in the life of the University.

To get involved with reunion, e-mail

Expectations of Reunion Committee Member:

  • Attend committee meetings.
  • Make plans to attend Reunion Weekend.
  • Demonstrate your personal support with a gift, to any area of the University, during your reunion year and consider a multi-year or leadership gift.
  • Personally contact 10-15 classmates to encourage them to come back and give back in support of your milestone reunion.
  • Allow the use of your name on reunion mailings and the reunion website.
  • Maintain confidentiality with all personal data used in assigned tasks.

Reunion Volunteer Resource Materials

University Facts and Rankings

Reunion Volunteer Guide