URAA Board of Directors

Abridged Volunteer Job Description


Engage current and future alumni through meaningful programs, activities and communication.
Connect the University community of alumni, family and friends.
Sustain the Spider spirit by giving and encouraging the gifts of time, talent and treasure.

Role Description 



Assistant Vice President for Alumni Relations, Office of Alumni and Career Services

Length of Service

A Director is appointed for one three-year term, and may be elected to serve a second three-year term. If a Director is elected to an officer position on the Executive Committee, the terms run concurrently.

General Responsibilities

  • To serve as an ambassador on behalf of the University of Richmond Alumni Association and the University of Richmond to both the University community and the world at large, with particular emphasis on serving as a spokesperson or advocate for the Alumni Association and its Board of Directors.
  • To participate in University of Richmond, University of Richmond Alumni Association, and Board of Directors events, with particular emphasis on regional programming, Homecoming Weekend and Reunion Weekend.
  • To encourage alumni in particular to become engaged in the life of the University being mindful to help the University to identify alumni who would be good stewards of it, either as servant leaders or philanthropists.
  • To be a team player supportive of the work of the Board of Directors, members of the Board, and the administrative leadership of the University. No undue influence or individual authority shall be exercised.

For a complete description, please visit the complete board of director job description.