Volunteer Opportunities

Looking to deepen your connection to the University of Richmond? Sharing your time and talent as a volunteer is a fantastic way to do so! From regional to virtual, there are several ways to give back. Explore the possibilities below.

Questions? Contact us at alumnievents@richmond.edu or (804) 289-8030.
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  • Spider Meetup Hosts

    Spider Meetup Hosts

    Spider Meetup hosts serve as connectors and ambassadors to UR alumni living in their area - typically one without a Regional Group. The primary role of a host is to execute casual, small-scale events that foster local alumni connections. Learn more.

    • Pitch Spider Meetup to Alumni Engagement staff. 
    • Once approved, plan and share the details with Alumni Engagement staff – what, when, where, etc.
    • Encourage attendance through personal outreach to peers and through social media.
    • Host the Spider Meetup: 
      • Welcome your fellow alumni
      • Serve as the on-site contact for the venue
      • Provide payment per the pre-determined budget set by Alumni Engagement (Save the receipts for reimbursement!)
      • Take photos at the event for social media
      • Follow up with Alumni Engagement staff after the event with attendance information and feedback
    • Host 1-2 Spider Meetups in your region per year.


    Email alumnievents@richmond.edu or call (804) 289-8030 to get involved as a Spider Meetup host!

  • Regional Leaders & Ambassadors

    Regional Leaders

    Dedicated and energetic regional leaders serve as connectors, hosts, and ambassadors in regions that have a significant concentration of Spider alumni. The primary role of a regional leader is to help plan, host, and promote events that foster local alumni connections to their alma mater and one another. Learn more.

    Regional Ambassadors

    Friendly and hospitable regional contacts agree to be available as a resource for local and new alumni in their regions as well as sending notes to welcome alums who are new to their area. Information for regional ambassadors will be listed on the alumni website for fellow alumni to connect with them as desired.  Learn more.


    Email alumnievents@richmond.edu or call (804) 289-8030 to get involved as a regional volunteer!

  • Reunion Committee Volunteers

    As a member of the University of Richmond alumni community, Reunion Committee Volunteers are one of the University’s most powerful advocates. These volunteers contact classmates about coming back and giving back, helping them to reconnect with one another and with the University. By volunteering on your Reunion Committee, you could play an even larger part in the life of the University.

    To get involved with Reunion, e-mail reunion@richmond.edu

  • Recent Graduate Regional Council

    Recent Graduate Regional Council members are passionate University of Richmond ambassadors who encourage other young alumni to actively engage with and support UR. They are seen as UR’s emerging recent alumni leaders with their support of the UR Alumni Association (URAA) as well as the larger university community. RGRC members are also often found in other UR regional and reunion leadership roles. 

  • Recruiting and Hiring



    Becca Shelton, Assistant Director/Career Advisor
    (804) 289-8547 

  • Nominate Someone for the URAA Board

    You may nominate someone you think would be a valued addition to the University of Richmond Alumni Association (URAA) Board of Directors. The URAA Board of Directors is fortunate to receive a lot of nominations and reviews each one carefully. You can submit a nomination online, or send names and qualifications to the University of Richmond Alumni Association at uraa@richmond.edu.

    Learn more

  • Alumni Recruitment Committee

    The University of Richmond relies upon the support of dedicated and enthusiastic alumni volunteers. The Alumni Recruitment Committee (ARC), a network of several hundred alumni volunteers, supports the efforts and initiatives of the Office of Admission.

    Learn more about the committee, volunteer opportunities, and training resources.  

Expectations for Volunteers

  • Collaborate with Alumni Engagement to develop lifelong connections between alumni and UR.
  • Respond to communication from Alumni Engagement staff and fellow alumni.
  • Support University of Richmond events and initiatives.
  • Maintain confidentiality with all personal data used in assigned tasks.
  • Make an annual gift of any size to the University of Richmond.