Reunion Committee Volunteers

As a member of the University of Richmond alumni community, you are one of the University’s most powerful advocates. Your primary responsibility as a reunion volunteer will be to contact your classmates about coming back and giving back, helping them to reconnect with one another and with the University. By volunteering on your Reunion Committee, you will be playing an even larger part in the life of the University.

To get involved, click this link or e-mail

Expectations of Reunion Committee Member

  • Attend committee meetings.
  • Make plans to attend Reunion Weekend.
  • Demonstrate your personal support with a gift, to any area of the University, during your reunion year and consider a multi-year or leadership gift.
  • Personally contact 10-15 classmates to encourage them to come back and give back in support of your milestone reunion.
  • Allow the use of your name on reunion mailings and the reunion website.
  • Maintain confidentiality with all personal data used in assigned tasks.

2024 Reunion Volunteers

The following alumni are serving on their reunion committees.

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  • Class of 1954
    To learn more and join your committee, click here.
  • Class of 1959

    Committee Members: Mary Frances Coleman, Elizabeth Ramos Dunkum, Bev Eubank Evans, Bonnie Lewis Haynie, Mary Trew Biddlecomb Lindquist, James Smith, BB Harvey Strum, and Jean Martin Wyndham

  • Class of 1964

    Committee Chairs: Jane Bibb Ranson, Bill Ranson, Archie Yeatts, and Elaine Johnson Yeatts

    Committee Members: Larry Boppe, Eddie Cohen, Elsa Queen Falls, Bob Harvey, Kendal East Harvey, Bob Jepson, Dennis Rozum, and Joan Hoch Yowell

  • Class of 1969
    Committee Members:  Anne Holland Burch, Cathy Whitlock Englishman, Bob Frank, Patsy Blackard Hallett, Julie McGarry Holswade, and Susan Agee Riggs
  • Class of 1974
    Committee Chairs: Laura Lee Hankins Chandler, Judy Owen Hopkins, and Hop Hopkins

    Committee Members: Esther Hopkins Barnes, Carolyn Ridgway Cook, Barb Hancock Crockett, Janet Ferrell, Sarah Hopkins Finley, Ann Gordon, Louis Hite, Terry Almarode Lohman, and George Wellde
  • Class of 1979
    Committee Chairs: Jeff Marks and Karen Koelle Rascoe

    Committee Members: Pam Collins Grundmann, Rhonda MacPherson McIlwain, Gary Oztemel, Caroline Michael Rawls, Larry Terry, Jerome Wilson, and Mike Wren

  • Class of 1984
    Committee Chairs: Mark Guarino and Jeanette Cantine Rockefeller

    Committee Members: Sue Bilotta, Grant Caldwell, John Dombrowski, Tom Franco, Stuart Matthai, Rick Moore, Price Riggs, Don Steinbrugge, Scott Stolte, and Vickie Hicks Toms
  • Class of 1989
    Committee Chairs: Sally Daniel Caldwell and Laurie Callahan Ellis

    Committee Members: Courtney McNair Bulger, Steve Callahan, Steve DiGioia, Ann Martin DiGioia, Mike Donohue, Walter Grote, Mark Hagy, Amy Barry Houghton, Dan Levin, Mark Malone, Hilary Day Maner, Skip Maner, Terri Bennett Reilly, Linda Rafoss Samios, and Michele Lavin Wolfram
  • Class of 1994
    Committee Chairs: Mindy Rettew Byrne and Rob Loscalzo

    Committee Members: Frank Allen, Rob Allen, Robin Washington Andrews, Andi Daly Bell, Brenna McCarthy Berger, Kieran Cavanna, Margaret Irwin Corral, Jenni Lee Wilkins Crocker, Jennifer Mina DeTeso, Gina Gray Edwards, Chris Gorman, Matt Henry, Heather Krajewski, Melissa Lesher, Julie Levin, Melissa Luck, Robb Moore, Eric Poulsen, Jim Riley, Amy Kahler Stuart, and Chad Wright
  • Class of 1999
    Committee Chairs: Sam Kaufman, Connor Marsden, and Raegan Williams Morris

    Committee Members: Michael Babb, Kim Croce Baker, Greg Desautels, Greg Efthimiou, Leanna Bowman Goodrich, Will Massey, Wendi Moss, Steven Sorrells, Jill Holcombe Stilmar, and Shareef Tahboub
  • Class of 2004

    Committee Chairs: Lindsey Stewart Glavin and Dan Kane

    Committee Members: Emily Carveth, Tricia Radford, Anthony Robinson, Keith Sheehan, and Amy Vest

  • Class of 2009
    Committee Chairs: John McElhenny and Sarah Latimer Tondorf

    Committee Members: Walter Arader, Deanna Boyd, John Calhoun, John Denton, Kristy Hajducek Mitchell, Dan Muller, Dave Paolantonio, Sean Sneeden, Jordan Tate, Lindsay Petty Wattam, and David Whitehead
  • Class of 2014
    Committee Chairs: Ben Edwards and Allie Ware

    Committee Members: Cassaundra Fincke 
    Aronson, Tyler Barbarin, Nikki Rankin Bredeson, Christy Buranaamorn, Austin Butler, Lauren Conder, Bennie DeSalvo, Leah Downey, Beverly Duran Ortiz, Rubi Escalona, Shelley Leo Evans, Mimi Mudd, Meredith Combs TenHoeve, and Evan Williams
  • Class of 2019

    Committee Members: Liz Curland, Sydney Lake, Caitlin Livesey, Anna Lowenthal, Scott Merritt, Benedict Roemer, Cory Schutter, Michael Signorile, and Monica Stack