Reunion Committee Volunteers

As a member of the University of Richmond alumni community, you are one of the University’s most powerful advocates. Your primary responsibility as a reunion volunteer will be to contact your classmates about coming back and giving back, helping them to reconnect with one another and with the University. By volunteering on your Reunion Committee, you will be playing an even larger part in the life of the University.

To get involved, click this link or e-mail

Expectations of Reunion Committee Member

  • Attend committee meetings.
  • Make plans to attend Reunion Weekend.
  • Demonstrate your personal support with a gift, to any area of the University, during your reunion year and consider a multi-year or leadership gift.
  • Personally contact 10-15 classmates to encourage them to come back and give back in support of your milestone reunion.
  • Allow the use of your name on reunion mailings and the reunion website.
  • Maintain confidentiality with all personal data used in assigned tasks.

2023 Reunion Volunteers

The following alumni are serving on their reunion committees.

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  • Class of 1953
    Bill Jordan
    Don Williams
  • Class of 1958
    Art Backstrom Jr.
    Eugenia Borum 
    Jean Hudgins Frederick
    Dottie Goodman Lewis
    Susie Prillaman Wiltshire
  • Class of 1963
    Ann Cosby Davis
    Steve Miller
    Carolyn Anthony Powers
    Rusty Rabb
    Marge Burkett Rozum
    Bob Toler
  • Class of 1968
    To learn more and join your committee, click here.
  • Class of 1973
    John Benton
    Gayle Goodson Butler
    Donna Strother Deekens
    Ben Emerson
    Nancy Bendall Emerson
    Polly Winfrey Griffin
    Donna Kingery Hudgins
    Rich Johnson
    Spring Crafts Kirby
    Wayne Marker
    Guy Ross
    Dan Rucker
    Phil Sisk
    Jay Starke
    Martha Poston Turner
  • Class of 1978
    Marilyn Branch-Mitchell
    Jeff Butler
    Farley Davis Dawson
    Amanda DeBusk
    Kimberly Kettle Hartke
    Laurie Heishman Hedgepath
    Tom Kelley
    Steve King
    Cindy Ellis  McClintock
    Allison Jones Vogler
  • Class of 1983
    Pam Smith Belleman
    Sid Sale Bland
    Stan Jones
    Raidah Ziadeh Lee
    Evelyn Seeler McKay
    Tara Mannion Modisett
    Jane McClellan Prosperi
    John Robinson
    Sandra Slocum
    Kathy Stevens
    Mary Shea Sutherland
  • Class of 1988

    Paige Manley Ashby
    Scott DeBergh
    Elizabeth Francy Demaret
    Pete Engels
    Diane Pulley Flannery
    Joel Getis
    Carolyn Timmins Greenfield
    Matt Gutermuth
    Margaret Gifford Hino
    Mike Hino
    Tommy Hohman
    Scott Johnson
    Chris Lindsay
    Maura McCullough Lindsay
    Beth Hallman Madarang
    Mike Mendelson
    Jim Merritt
    Drew Roever
    Walter Stackler
    Lenore Vassil

  • Class of 1993
    Dana Hasten Attlan
    Amy Oehmig Battaglia
    Sean Bryne
    Heidi Buttner Fordi
    Jessica Ronky Haddad
    Leslie Stuckey Hall
    Mark Holtkamp
    Jeannine Mandoline Rose
    Laura Taylor
    Meg Taylor-Shockley
    Tim Wimbish
  • Class of 1998
    Shawn Barber
    Lynsay Rahn Belshe
    Cabell Childress
    Jasmonn Coleman
    Stephanie Saphos Harris
    Kandace Peterson McGuire
    Phillip McGuire
    Kate Morrissey Miller
    Jason Morris
    Lane Victory Mosby
  • Class of 2003

    Matt Bruning
    Eva Horn Cauble
    Andrea DelMonte
    Julie Bevevino Fulesday
    Katie Cosulich Hoover
    Katherine Whitehead Hutchens
    Sean McCloskey
    Mark Rosa
    Elise Woodling Rupinski
    Erik Rupinski

  • Class of 2008
    Ted Ahrens
    Christy Mazza Ashburn
    Katie  Elberson Azer
    Laura Coutts
    Wylie Pennell Crane
    Jimmy Hall
    Anne Myers
    Lauren  Napolitano
    Christa  Queen-Sutherland
    Carson Raymond
    Kyle Storms
    T.J. Tondorf
  • Class of 2013
    Richard Barnett
    Alice Chang
    Julia  Dearchs
    Liz Dedman
    Lucie Dufour
    Jenna Flack
    Kadeem  Alphanso Fyffe
    Joey Greener
    Alexis  Koeppen
    Lisa  McElhenny Mann
    Caroline Elia  Petrone
    Megan Dooley Phillips
    Brittney  Quinones
    Arantxa Nin  Scordato
    Laura Wyrick
    Bryan  Zielinski
  • Class of 2018

    Andrew Aguilera
    Annie Barrett
    Carolyn Chambers
    Ben Cook
    Erin Cromwell
    Carreen de Cardenas
    Connor Flanagan
    Devon Flinn
    Maggie Johnson
    Erin Kneeley
    Mike Olano
    Alexa Rennie
    Shannon Kane Sorrell