Reunion Committee Volunteers

As a member of the University of Richmond alumni community, you are one of the University’s most powerful advocates. Your primary responsibility as a reunion volunteer will be to contact your classmates about coming back and giving back, helping them to reconnect with one another and with the University. By volunteering on your Reunion Committee, you will be playing an even larger part in the life of the University.

To get involved with reunion, e-mail

Expectations of Reunion Committee Member

  • Attend committee meetings.
  • Make plans to attend Reunion Weekend.
  • Demonstrate your personal support with a gift, to any area of the University, during your reunion year and consider a multi-year or leadership gift.
  • Personally contact 10-15 classmates to encourage them to come back and give back in support of your milestone reunion.
  • Allow the use of your name on reunion mailings and the reunion website.
  • Maintain confidentiality with all personal data used in assigned tasks.

2022 Reunion Volunteers

The following alumni are serving on their reunion committees.

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  • Class of 1962
    Please email if you are interested in serving on your 60th Reunion committee!
  • Class of 1967
    Please email if you are interested in serving on your 55th Reunion committee!
  • Class of 1972

    50th Reunion Committee

    Nancy Clevinger Carpenter Rachel Pierce Newell
    Michael Clingenpeel Ron Ottavio
    Beth Robbins DeBergh Catherine Dowd Pemberton
    Gwen Fletcher Duncan Tricia Mason Prillaman
    Rick Ford Edward Pruden
    Betty Gammon Fulgham Susan Clarke Schaar
    Carolee Dykes Hall Judy Samuelson Shapleigh
    Libby Lynch Heskett John Speegle
    Carter Hudgins Bob Stokes
    Isabelle Thomas LeSane Sallie Stone Cook Stokes
    Donna Abbott Livesay Linda Christopher Swartz
    Judy Johnson Mawyer Pat Turner
    Jere Hudson Mollen
  • Class of 1977

    45th Reunion Committee

    Jeannie Baskerville Alcott Rayford Harris
    Mike Andrus Rob McClintock
    Barclay Bradshaw Pat Little Rowland
    Kitty Lewis Catina David Sylvester
  • Class of 1982

    40th Reunion Committee

    Cathy Hughes Roland Millican
    Bob Ivey Leslie Connelly Strickler
    Tracey Holgren Ivey Terri Atkins Wilson
  • Class of 1987

    35th Reunion Committee

    Steve Aronson Shannon Kelley
    Lauren DeLaurentis Brown Dorothy Dorton Kittner
    Dan Caldwell Ginny Skeris Kunik
    Patrick Ciriello David Lyons
    Robert Cook Steve Maddrea
    Lynne Dorey Darlington Mike Nelligan
    Amy Weston DeVoe David Ong
    Douglas Dompkowski Jamie Parilla
    Trish Bender Felix Michelle McDonnell Reichow
    Melanie McElhinney Goodpasture Berkley Bayne Soper
    Marc Greenberg Kathy Vallindras Tappen
    Tom Gutenberger Chris Tate
    Anne Latham Holdaway
  • Class of 1992

    30th Reunion Committee

    Jon Chandonnet Staci Tomlinson Hammer
    Marc Cram Doug Sandler
    Rob Crystal Drew Surwilo
    Matt Haddad
  • Class of 1997

    25th Reunion Committee

    Alison Lages Carlton Kelly Nagle Pace
    Katie Feldmann de Alarcon Erin Watkins Quinn
    Chad Eisele Lyndsey Harris Stogdill
    Jen Peck Maitland
  • Class of 2002

    20th Reunion Committee

    Curtis Dubay Beth Spracklin Phipps
    Kelly Gribbin Gleason Erin Torrey Ranney
    Stacy Bromley Hamilton  Kate Materna Rezabek
    Tiffany Harvey Tim Sullivan
    Sherman Hughes Carolyn Samuel Taylor
    Gabe Laryea Dan Whitlock
    Katie Venson Loftin
  • Class of 2007

    15th Reunion Committee

    Nicole Buell Jill Pace
    Katie Connelly Lisa Warner Pfefferle
    Kristen Greenholt Douthit Ashley Gibb Raggi
    Kelly Linker Stephanie Tarallo
    Sara McGanity Luke Vetti
  • Class of 2012

    10th Reunion Committee

    Akhil Akula Emily Janto
    Alex Borwick Brian Vieth
    Shelby Brown Hannah Ramsey Vieth
  • Class of 2017

    5th Reunion Committee

    Yadeni Abagaro Kasey McGhee
    Ken Anderson Evan McKay
    Jack Bauer Nikki McTernan
    Faizan Chaudhry Maggie Moroney
    Erin Dunstan Liz Nigro
    Pete Foster Julia Rivara
    Ali Grogan Jessica Westberry
    Amy Littleson Andrew Winter
    Ivana Marshall