URAA Board of Directors 2022-2023

Executive Committee Members

Shannon Kelley, B’87, P’20, P’22, P’25

Edward H. Pruden, Jr., R’72, G’74, and P’00 (Ed)
President Elect

Kimberly Bowers Rollins, ’05
Vice President for Membership

Jerry F. Williams, B'70
Vice President for Outreach

Kenneth Anderson, ’17 and L’20 (Ken)
Vice President for Planning and Operations

William Michalopoulos, R’85 and P’18 (Will)
Member-at-Large for Membership

Braxton Bragg, ’06
Member-at-Large for Outreach

L. Ellen Bradley, ’91 (Ellen)
Member-at-Large for Planning and Operations

Bernard C. Brown, Jr., R'90 and GB'05 (Bert)

Rasheeda D. Perry, '03

Board of Directors

  • Marilyn Branch-Mitchell, W’78
  • Kaitlyn Dochelli Connelly, '10 (Kate)
  • Elizabeth Ramos Dunkum, W'59
  • Elsa Falls, W'64 and G'72
  • Shelley Francis, '95
  • Lisa Gray, '93
  • Mark G. Guarino, R'84
  • Thomas C. Gutenberger, B'87 (Tom)
  • Timothy M. Hightower, '08 (Tim)
  • Alexander M. Holva, '15 (Alex)
  • Susan Keller, '06 (Suezy)
  • Robert F. Loscalzo, '94, P'25 (Rob)
  • Luke W. Parsons, '10
  • Chad Pollock, '03
  • James A. Raff, R'81 (Jim)
  • Suneela Aras Vaidya, '95 (Suni)
  • Antoine Waul, '13
  • Sally Yates Wood, W'69, G'71, and L'80