Headshot of Megan  Dooley Phillips, '13, GC '19

Megan Dooley Phillips, '13, GC '19

Associate Director for Alumni Engagement, Campus and Signature Events
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    Megan joined the University of Richmond in 2018 and currently serves as the Associate Director for Alumni Engagement, Campus and Signature Events. In this role, Megan focuses on engaging alumni in the life of their alma mater by bringing graduates back to campus for Homecoming and Reunion Weekends. She works with reunion committees as they prepare to celebrate milestone years and plans signature receptions in cities around the world to establish connections between alumni and University administrators, faculty, and staff.

    Megan is a double Spider, with a B.A. in Leadership Studies and a Master's in Human Resource Management from the University of Richmond. She has had lifelong connection to Richmond, as her father, Bill Dooley, R '83, G '87, is a Spider men's basketball alum and former coach. Megan has worked in higher education for nearly a decade, previously working with the regional initiatives program within Alumni Relations and also serving in a variety of Athletics department roles at William & Mary and the University of Richmond.